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Complete end-to-end solutions for any digital touchpoints - mobile apps, responsive web portals, touchscreen kiosks and more.


10 Principals

At Mindworks we believe software can feel magical. Quality of software is driven by both the talent of its owners and how they feel while they're crafting it. To bring back the right focus, these are the foundational and evolving ideas we practice.

Build for the users

Honest and transparent

Partnerships over one-nighters

Prototypes over presentations

People over process

Milestones over deadline

Momentum over meaningless cycle

Simple-first, then powerful

Aim for clarity

Quality first and foremost

powered by people

How we

collaborate with you

Team up with Mindworks at any stage of your project, choosing the engagement model that fits best your project scope and business priorities.


Thinking big

After digging deep to understand holistically your challenges and business objectives, we chart your technology path that will keep your business future-proof.


Starting small

At the beginning of the transformation journey, we start with simple use cases that bring you immediate results.


Creating value fast

We then build an MVP, testing the first use cases and collecting feedback. Along the way, we introduce enhancements to align business deliverables and add new use cases.


Innovating at scale

We are expanding the functionality of your system, keeping it flexible on the tech stack, hugely adaptable to humans, and easily scalable to evolve along with your business growth.

Software development methodologies

Having completed hundreds of successful projects, we will help you figure out what approach works best for the development of your software product, and assemble a powerful team to deliver the desired results.

What we think Agile is

The Agile approach centers around a continuously evolving project scope and iterative development where the team delivers a work product — a new feature or meaningful improvement — at the end of every iteration. This approach allows you to start quickly and make decisions in action based on instant feedback.

Agile is your go-to methodology when:

Your end-product vision is likely to evolve in the course of development

It’s difficult to detail all the requirementsat the project onset, for instance, because of its complexity

The success of your product is strongly dependant on user feedback

It’s critical to direct the team’s energy straight off toward development, skipping a lengthy planning stage, to bring your product to market quickly

The Agile Cycle

What we think Waterfall is

In the waterfall model, your entire project, including phases, tasks, and dependencies, is mapped out before development.This means thoroughly planning and documenting all processes, timelines, deliverables, resources, and costs beforehand. At the end of the day, you get less flexibility but a greater level of predictability.

The waterfall methodology is best when:

Your end vision and stakeholders’ needs are well defined and are not going to change

It is possible to fix all the requirements upfront

Your product requires multiple integrations with external systems, including in the process of development

You need to comply with more extensive project tracking or documentation requirements

The Waterfall Model

Our engagement models

When selecting an optimum engagement model for our clients, we discuss a lot of details, from their primary business objective and project scope to the level of flexibility and control they require. Our aim is to come up with a solution that balances cost efficiency, performance, and flexibility best.

Time & Materials

Under the Time & Materials model, we can build your software product either in a linear sequence of stages or in increments through constant communication with you. You pay only for actual work done on daily or hourly rates per specialist.

Fixed Price

With this model, we build your software product for a price fixed upfront for the entire project. This often involves planning and estimating the entire project scope before development starts.

Dedicated Team

Alternatively, you can simply hire our highly skilled engineers to fill in specific in-house skill gaps, or go for a full-fledged dedicated and self-managed team. You get professionals that integrate seamlessly into your environment, bring in a fresh angle and ideas, and deliver top results with in-house-like dedication.

Comparison of engagement models


Fixed Price

Times & Materials

Dedicated Team

Project Size








Scope Flexibility

limited flexibility



Budget Predictability


pay as you go

fixed team cost





Client's Involvement




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